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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

Does anyone else get that feeling? It's like despite all the rhetoric going back and forth these last two weeks, Washington is taking one long collective breath before it dives into battle. Bolton's hearing has been postponed, Frist still hasn't pulled the trigger on the "nuclear option", and Social Security Reform seems to be lost in limbo. The President has called a press conference tonight to talk about these issues, and it may be the storm's fist crack of lightning.

We might even start to feel a few drops in the next few weeks, but I don't think the storm clouds will really break until this hits the Senate. A Federal bill restricting abortion has all the ingredients for starting a war. For one, the Dem's in the Senate will be fighting tooth and nail to kill this thing. Any Senator who depends on NARAL for funding can't afford to let this one through without a fight. Should the bill pass, it also brings a new sense of urgency to the fight over judicial nominations, because there's a good chance that the inevitable lawsuit will be hitting the Supreme Court just as a replacement for Chief Justice Rehnquist is being nominated. Finally, this bill deals with an issue that Americans are passionate about, and while Joe Citizen probably won't remember what the "nuclear option" even is come 2006, he will be ready to condemn or reward his Senator's vote on this.

So we'll see. Maybe I'm wrong, but the blogs and editorial pages have reached a fever pitch. The winds kicking up and there's a sound in the distance that could be thunder... or maybe the percussion of an oncoming army. Nothing to do but fasten your seat belts and wait to see who draws first blood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably the kind of person who would let his parents or grandparents eat petfood and use vetrinary grade drugs as a substitute for the real thing and think it perfectly OK. Take away social security and most of our seniors will be living in cars doing exactly that. We will never allow that to happen. Reform is DOA! Get used to it.

4/28/2005 06:59:00 PM  
Blogger Brash Limburg said...

Actually my grandparents are dead, so they don't really mind.

As for the SS is dead comment, read today's post and tell me why I'm wrong.

4/29/2005 09:34:00 AM  

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