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Monday, April 18, 2005

My New Arch-Nemesis

In my short time on this website it's become apparent that most of my neighbors either don't speak English, or are using this service to document their stalking of their boyfriend of 3 years ago. Somehow among this sludge I managed to find a diamond, http://americablog.blogspot.com!. And to think I was worried about not having anything to write about.

Because I'm lazy, I plan on stealing topics from this site as much as possible. Its got all the essentials, photoshop banner at the top that looks worse than the normal template, requests for donations, ads for crappy websites selling Che T-shirts and Bush is a Nazi bumper stickers (and not a trace of irony!), and most importantly, a bunch of whiney liberal losers with nothing better to do then comment on the articles on some dudes blog.

Tell you what though, these dudes have alot of time on thier hands, and they know how to post pictures, so they're way up on me. The tide will turn slowly however, verrrrry slowly...


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