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Monday, April 25, 2005

On Stupid Senators and the Power of Catch Phrases

It's only 9:30 am on Monday and already I'm sufficiently agitated enough to post. Two things bugging me on this sunny Monday morning. The first is something Sen. Chris Dodd said this weekend concerning the Bolton nomination:
"I think he's going to embarrass the president. I think he's going to ... have a very difficult job serving if he's confirmed narrowly by the Senate. He should withdraw or the president ought to withdraw this nomination."
Apparently the Dems got so much traction from the assertion that Bush couldn't lead since he didn't have a mandate that the're going to try and apply it to Bush's appointees. Excuse me Mr. Dodd, but last time I checked neither public opinion nor your opinion had anything to do with how the Ambassador to the U.N. carried out his or her job. In fact, I feel pretty comfortable saying that 95% of the country doesn't know who the last U.N. Ambassador was. Not a profound thought, but I'm getting real sick of moron senators running off their mouths on the Sunday shows.

And speaking of confirmations, how did Republican's allow the term "nuclear option" to become the preferred nomenclature for doing away with filibusters on judicial nominees? Even worse, who's the genius who came up with the counter-term "constitutional option"? Real catchy guys, that ought to convince America.

Since we seem incapable of coming up with good labels of our own, I think we should start co-opting terms from the Dems and using them in other issues. For example, I propose we start referring to abortion as the "nuclear option". Just think:

"Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant, and I've decided to go with the nuclear option"

"I don't know honey, I support your right to choose, but the nuclear option? I don't like the sound of that, seems a little bit extreme to me."

"Yea, I guess your right, I think I'll just stick with the status quo here. No sense rocking the boat."


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