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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Please Stow Your Weapons in Your Pockets...

prior to boarding the plane, otherwise those federal screeners might be forced to take them away. In news that would be obvious to anyone who doesn't still have a Kerry/Edwards '04 bumper sticker on their car, the GAO has released a study which finds that private airline security screeners are more effecteive than those that are government employed.

Read the story for details, but it all boils down to the simple truth that the private sector is better at most things than the government. Now granted the difference is small, but it is a.) statistically signifigant, and b.) only involves 5 airports in the country (meaning little competition, meaning marginal improvement). Hopefully a Republican with even the smallest bit of guts will take this and push for further privatization, but after this Bolton hearing I'm not feeling optimistic.

As an extra bonus:
In a separate report issued Tuesday, the inspector general for the Homeland Security Department faulted the Transportation Security Administration for allowing lavish spending on a $19 million crisis management center, including about $500,000 to acquire artwork, silk plants and other decorative and miscellaneous items.
Because, you know, can't have any extra money lying around that they might use to hire another private company...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of a perverse curiosity I wandered over here to take a quick look. The results of the study you cite are interesting, but I think you have to dig a little deeper to understand why the government workers scored lower. You have to look no further than the people who hired them and the last time I looked the conservative republicans had control of both legislative branches and the White House. They deliberately hired people who were not the best qualified (which was easy when all your friends are pencil neck conservatives) so they could point to the result of just such a study and say, “Ha, we told you private enterprise could do it better!” Trouble is, the results are so close it is clear they didn’t go low enough on the scale when they hired the workers.

Believe me, if the election hadn’t been stolen from Gore in Florida by the puppets in black robes, you would have seen a much different result. So if you take the simplistic view I guess it supports your position, but there are some much darker things going on here. Not all of us are sheep.

4/20/2005 05:55:00 PM  

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