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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

That Whooshing Sound You Hear...

is not Catholics leaving the church, but air escaping from the tires of the "let's liberalize the church" bandwagon.

We have a new pope, Benedict XVI. I leave it to others to analyze what this means for the church, but what it means to liberals in America and Western Europe is clear: You Lost. A week's worth of discussion equating the Catholic tradition of an all-male Conclave to the Islamic practice of "honor killing" female family members who dare to speak to a member of the opposite sex should be enough to convince anyone that these people just don't get it.

The moderates over at americablog are predictably upset, wondering where they can hide from the impending homosexual Inquisition. After all " Ratzinger was the main instrument for killing free speech in the church", and we all know how important free speech is to religion (so long as its not condemning those honor killings).

For me it's all echoes of the "living constitution". There are no universal truths and nothing is sacred. Both the law of the land and the tenants of faith should adapt to however the wind is blowing, and who screams the loudest. Unfortunately for these folks, the latter are more firmly rooted than the latter, and, for now, the Pope remains the rock upon which the church is built.


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