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Friday, April 22, 2005

We Have Seen the Enemy...

...and he is a moron. Then again, maybe I am too for ever thinking I could venture into depths of liberal thinking and come out unscathed. It was with the best intention that I started the slow work of converting our liberal brethren over at AmericaBlog, but I clearly underestimated what I was up against.

To spare you the fate of going over there yourself, allow me to share some of what passes for higher liberal thought these days. The post below comes from a topic on an anti-discrimination bill for homosexuals that was narrowly defeated in Washington state. Since this is clearly a sign of an impending holocaust, the community was up in arms. I posted the note below in an attempt to bring some perspective:

"All I'm hearing is doom, gloom, and (surprise, surprise) comparisons to Nazi Germany. What I'm not hearing is what this bill involved and how it being defeated equates to putting all gays into concentration camps? Can anyone enlighten me?"

I didn't have wait long for a thoughtful reply:

"The Nazis didn't go after the Jews immediately. They moved in on them incrementally. They can't go after us right now, but they can create the hateful atmosphere of scapegoating and fear that in another 10 years, if they do it right, they can. And they seem very adept at it. I think they're getting help from the Zionist Jews in its cleverness in return for their continued support of Israel's Zionist policies."

As insightful as that is, the last part is the best:

"And no, I'm not anti-semetic so fuck off."

Oh, well hell, I'm glad we cleared that up, someone might have gotten the wrong idea!

In the spirit of fairness, a fellow lib did set them straight:

"The comment (a few pages up) by "incognito" about "zionist jews" is repulsive. And yes, anti-semitic (which he couldn't even spell correctly). The Christian Right has peculiar and short term interest in supporting Israel (they believe it has to exist, and then be destroyed, before the rapture). But listen, bigot: Israel has better protections for gay rights than the US does. Tel Aviv is far more progressive on gay issues than Washington State, Oregon or many other "blue states". And most Jewish Americans are solidly liberal and pro gay. You're no better than the angry working class whites who are beating the shit out of gay people: you're mad, and you're beating up the Jews. Hardly a new story."

Did you get that? Its not the progressive Jews who are to blame, it's those gay-bashing christian conservatives doing it so they can bring about the rapture. Thank God cooler heads prevailed, and as an aside, do you get the impression that liberals buy more of those "Left Behind" books than Republicans? They seem to know and awful lot about them...

So what's the moral of the story? Besides the fact that conversion isn't a one day affair, the lesson is that although its moderated by the time it hits the national stage, a lot of this grassroots activism is based in anger and hate. Is it any surprise that while a Democratic leader may make a long, principled speech about the dangers of globalization, over in Seattle people are breaking windows and attacking police officers in order to fight the scourge of the WTO? When Moveon.org and the DailyKos are able to make Howard Dean the head of the DNC, be very afraid of the people who are pulling his strings.


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