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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Like Fish in a Barrel

It's too easy, it really is, but someone has to make fun of the anti-nuke protesters that staged a rally in New York earlier this week, and let no one say Brash Limburg is above doing it. A lesser man might just post this picture of one of the organizers (he actually is by the way)

But I owe my readers a little more work then that, so I went beyond the group's coverboy to get the real story. By some quirk of Google, the first report I found was on ChinaNews.cn. I figuired the Chinese could report on it as well as anybody, until I noticed they credited the march to a group called "United for Peace and Justice and Abortion Now". I wouldn't put it past one of these groups to take that name, but that was a little too honest to be correct.
Abandoning my Google search, I moved on to old, reliable thenation.com. Sure enough, they had a nice article detailing what a great rally "United for Peace and Justice and Abolition Now" put on:
"That frustration toward the United States and its fellow nuclear powers (France included) was certainly on display during the march through Manhattan--in chants and songs as well as dances and theatrical performances. "
Chants? Songs? That sounds really fun! My next stop was the official website for the rally to find some chants that I could practice at home. The offical "Songs and Chant for Peace" page provided me with these gems:
"If Bush and Cheney start a war,
we won't vote for them no more!"
Well hmm. I hate to be a grammer Nazi, but that's a double negative. I'm not sure we want to yell about how we "will vote for him some more" in a crowd of people wearing "Bush=Hitler" t-shirts. Let's try another one:
"If Bush and Cheney attack Iraq,
we will take this country back."
Whoops, already tried this in November. Kinda loses its edge since we already blew it. How about:
"No Blood for Oil
Stop the War on Iraq!"

Oh come on! That one doesn't even rhyme. Frustrated with the lack of quality chants and not having the strength to tackle the entire Anti-War Christmas Carols section, I gave up.
To close I'll leave you with this profound thought from one of the speakers:
"As you know, the United for Peace and Justice marshals are responsible for maintaining law and order at this event ... since there are so many of you here, I believe it is quite dangerous. Therefore, I propose the following: We should find the eight largest and richest marshals and give each one of them a state-of-the-art machine gun... that way, if there are any troublemakers...they can quickly take care of them. Do you like my idea? Does it make you feel safer that a few marshals have the capability to kill us all in a few minutes?"
Well, if those troublemakers have machine guns too and are threatening to use them, then yes, yes it does.


Blogger Leviathan's Nemesis said...

Wow! Hilarious post. I just imagined that guy in the picture saying that last bit you quoted from a speech. Best post yet, Brash. Keep it up!

5/04/2005 09:11:00 AM  
Blogger DavE said...

It is people like this guy that give me hope as a folk musician/Weed distributor.

5/04/2005 09:16:00 AM  

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