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Thursday, May 05, 2005

On the Educational Value of the Paris Hilton Tape

Actually this post isn't nearly as exciting as the title promises. I just wanted to get your attention now so that you'll be prepared tomorrow morning when all the liberals start crowing about how the court's have exonerated Lynndie England.

What's actually happened is that the judge in the case threw out England's plea deal based on the testimony of her superior/lover Charles Graner. Graner really just repeated his own failed defense, namely that he was just following orders, but in doing so contradicted England's testimony that the now famous pictures were taken purely for amusement. Granger argues that the pictures were meant to be a training aid for other guards, and had the blessing of his superiors.

Despite what the Left would like to believe, this excuse it ludicrous. Even ignoring the fact that another court has already found this to be so much BS, there's another mostly ignored fact of the case that completely discredits him. It turns out there was more on the infamous roll of film than pictures of tortured prisoners, it also included a wide selection of amateur porn starring none other than Graner and England.

Now maybe I just suffer from a lack of imagination, but unless Graner was moonlighting as a Sex Ed instructor, I doubt his skill with the camera was put to any official use. Clearly this weirdo was keeping a personal collection, and didn't intend on sharing it with anyone but his most perverted friends.

Of course liberals can keep trying to argue otherwise, pointing to some grand conspiracy involving Bush, Rumsfeld and Area 51. If they do manage to pull off the conspiracy defense, I hope they give Miss Hilton a call. I'm sure she'll want to get in on that excuse.


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